Shazia Malik has been in Slovenia trying to go see the camps, and more importantly the areas outside the camps where are people waiting. She had been working on getting permission from the Red Cross for us to buy a 12m industrial tent or two to get some sort of system and shelter in place. However  from Wednesday it was hoped that everyone could be accomodated inside the camp. The relief plan was to relocaye everyone by train to Sentijl at the Austrian border. Shazia therefore decided to make her way there to see if our assistance is required there.

By Thursday night/ early Friday morning Shazia had managed to convince the officials to allow them to serve food to people who had been waiting on the border. With this agreed she started working on implementing some kind of system at the border crossing so people are warm, dry and have food and drink. Jane and Faz arrived in Slovenia on Sunday where they were planning to join Shazia. However Shazia had to rush up to Vienna with another charity with a van full of food as reports were coming through about 1500 refugees waiting and needing food. For more updates on Slovenia see the blog post ‘Jane’s facebook updates’.