What we have acheived so far…

– We have visited several refugee camps 27th Oct – 5th Nov and given out aid, and spent £2056 on clothes, hats, gloves scarves, blankets, water, baby food and milk, 2500 sandwiches for the Slovenia/ Austria no man’s land and soups for 600 people at Tabanovtse station, Macedonia
– We have sent 25kg of aid donations to Lesvos (to test sending worked ok)
– We have sent 330kg of aid donations to Samos
– We have sent half a tonne of aid to Hungary & Macedonian/ Serbia border
– We have fundraised for 750 hot meals at #Tabanovtse station, Macedonia
– We have fundraised £390 for daily supplies at #Tabanovtse station, Macedonia
– We have fundraised nearly £2000 for foil blankets to go to Greece
– We have sent 120kg of aid donations to Thessaloniki Solidarity with Refugees Group for Eidomeni (Greece/Macedonia border)
– We have sent over 500kg of aid donations in pallets to Tilos Island, Greece
– We have bought 6 x 10litre hot water boilers/tea urns in Athens for UNCHR on Chios island to keep warm drinks to refugees flowing
– We have had a private family through Shazia Malik in Bristol donate enough money to buy 16 wheelchairs from Athens and ship them to the UNHCR in Chios
– We, with hardwork of Shazia Malik, are part of the group that has secured a large bus unit via Caravans for Calais that cost £5k and is being filled with aid in Wrexham other towns (Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff & Peterborough) and driven to Macedonia, where our head volunteer will man the bus for Mothers and Baby Unit and also general aid distribution


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