Exclusive Weekend Away Auction….

A truly bespoke weekend away for up to 8 people in luxury accommodation in Anglesey.
Half the proceeds go to UAREUK 🙂
Bidding closes 7th February. Details of how to bid are on the poster xx

Ilmarie Anglesey Weekend Auction


Current Appeals & Assistance Required – HELP!

To Summarise what we need help with at this current time !!

1) Funds to keep the Refugees’ Street Kitchen on Chios running feeding up to 2000 refugees some days!
Donate with ref ‘ChiosKitchen’

2) Sock4Chios – they need 10,000 pairs, 60 cents so 6000 euro.
Donate with ref ‘Socks4Chios’

3) Tilos Bunk Beds for family/ vulnerable area x 24 beds. Cost £1840, we have £440 so far.
Donate with ref ‘TilosFamily’

4) Funds to send pallets and aid and buy supplies.
Donate with ref ‘SuppliesandSending’

5) Shoes4Chios – collect used shoes (sturdy/trainers) for men & women. Send direct or to Jane at the warehouse for sending in pallets

6) Snowsuits for babies. Send direct or to Jane at the warehouse for sending in pallets


All the ways to donate are listed in the PINNED POST at the top of the UAREUK Facebook page

Soon we will also have a Macedonia aid drive once we are set up over there 🙂

For more info go to our faceboook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1662128954027412/?fref=ts

or visit www.UAREUK.com – HOW TO DONATE page

thankyou xx


Sad news today that a Syria man only 57 years old died of a heart attack last night on Tabanovtse station, Macedonia. Valentina was with his wife when we were in contact earlier looking after her.
Again like for the poor Syrian man who died in the mid of very attack last month on way to Serbia from tabanovtse it’s just tragic. You live your life, all you have is destroyed and you breathe your last breath feeling nobody will help you with a place to call home again or to lay your head down in safety and warm. The volunteers well I just don’t know how they carry on day after day seeing so much sadness and so many kids and babies and worrying where will they go.
And yet so many people would open their houses to them if only we would let them in :((



Want to stop people dropping dead of hypothermia??

Please please please spread the word: Go out buy as many shoes from charity shops as you can please please or in sales or cheap shoe shops.
Also loads socks on offer in sales at mo.

If people can get shoes to the warehouse we will send them all by boxes and pallet, ideally boxes as they take only 3 days to arrive.
We need shoes men’s 9 and 10 uk size…sturdy or trainers or leather shoes.
Womens 5,5.5,6,6.5
And warm socks as many S possible.
This is URGENT

If you can get a box together with friends you can send direct (message me for info)
Or if you can get them to me at our warehouse in Wrexham we will send them also please keep donating so we can send them!!!



They need socks constantly in Chios for the arriving refugees. They are running very short.

So we have found a supplier who will do good quality socks (like you know think you are walking across whole of europe and these might have to last you the whole way) he will do a price of €0.60 per pair so thats 6000 euros needed for the 10,000 pairs they need.

You can donated via UAREUK (as usual it will all be logged on the finance sheet under ‘Files’ tab on our fb page): USING REF ‘Socks4Chios’

1) By Paypal to contact@uareuk.com

2) Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929

AND International donors from outside UK can send to:

Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
BIC/ Swift Code: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB49MIDL40472642663929

Liverpool Sat 13th SAVE THE DATE Love to Syria

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 13th February will now be part of a number of evenguitarts UAREUK are calling “Love to Syria”.

Our big film night will now be April time (still sorting a venue)

This a special Music Night being held at the Buyers Club in Liverpool which is where the old Picket used to be. So many musicians giving up their time and big thanks to the venue and Nina Jones.

So SATURDAY 13th February – 7.30pm – The Buyers Club, Hardmanm Street, Liverpool. In aid of UAREUK – United to Assist Refugees UK.

More details and flyer to follow xx

Soup a douper

On Sat 9. Jan 2016 The Chios People’s Street Kitchen which we help support prepared & offered 1780 meals. Winter lentil & vegges soup w/ breadPSK

Generating Goodwill :)

Wow well other good news from Akeel at Edinburgh Careslast night….the supplier of the generator we funded…well so we bought one and another group(s) bought another and he threw another one in for free!!!!

Well not only that…he has upgraded the two to more powerful ones and he has knocked another £200 off the price!!!

So the £200 he discounted we have now put into the Food Funds Appeal we are doing for the Edinburgh Cares food program smile emoticon