A post of mine to our facebook group on 6th January sharing lots of positie news:

So the three pieces of good news so far (posted below):
1) Under our initiative with Eleni Bouboussis “Island2IslandRelief” we have paid for 40ft container full of surplus aid to go to Chios, it was loaded today and left port bound for Chios at 8pm Greek time will arrive tomorrow (funded by an anonymous donor)
2) Women on the move Awards winner “Woman of the Year” and Syrian, Sonia Khoury, has agreed to attend our Love to Syria event with the screening of Elias Matar’s ‘Flight of the Refugees’
3) Remember I told you about Kate Chapman andNicole Van Den Eijnde’s group that has raised money for the Chios supplies? They have sent another £1116.92 which will go the supply the kitchen ingredients
and so now for number 4..