Sad news today that a Syria man only 57 years old died of a heart attack last night on Tabanovtse station, Macedonia. Valentina was with his wife when we were in contact earlier looking after her.
Again like for the poor Syrian man who died in the mid of very attack last month on way to Serbia from tabanovtse it’s just tragic. You live your life, all you have is destroyed and you breathe your last breath feeling nobody will help you with a place to call home again or to lay your head down in safety and warm. The volunteers well I just don’t know how they carry on day after day seeing so much sadness and so many kids and babies and worrying where will they go.
And yet so many people would open their houses to them if only we would let them in :((


A group of people who have come together to collect and send donations to refugees in Lesvos Greece. This will also be ongoing to help local homeless shelters and other groups locally

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