So I am advised that the container will need to come now at 10am on Saturday 5th March not 11am.
These are the volunteers we have registered so I will let them know. Anyone else who hasn’t registered well I hope they see this message!!
Allstar Townend
Jane Townend
Katharine Nell
Robert Nell
Val Watts
Ilmarie Braun
Sue Harris
Greg Ogden
Elinor Doherty
Volunteer from Katharine’s Church
Volunteer from Katharine’s Church
I would prefer people let us know before the day if they are coming to help rather than just turn up, this way we can plan a bit of numbers. xx

Warehouse Sessions w/c 8th Feb 2016

Warehouse opening times this week are so far:
Tuesday 9th 11-3pm
Thursday 11th 12-2pm
Saturday 13th 11-1pm

If you want to come and help us sort items., make kids clothes packs, pack the pallets for Greece, sort the jumble/ car boot section, inventorise the Syria Aid or drop off any donations (only donations from the needs list are accepted) please do come along!


Syria Ten day food packs


We are sending a 40ft container of aid to Syria on March 5th so only a few weeks to go as I write this! You will find all the info on what the food packs need in them if you would like to make one and drop it off to us.

If you don’t have the time, a Ten Day Food Pack for Family of Four is:

£22.11 for a pack for a family who still have access to cooking facilities

£22.35 for a pack for a family who have lost everything and no access to cooking facilities

PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM. Click below to donate to UAREUK and we will buy the pack for you. 
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