Will you join the UAREUK SYRIA Bread Flour challenge?

So the Appeal is launched and underway. We are aiming to raise £7,500 in two weeks (by 5th April) which sounds insurmountable? Not if we all do it together with our friends, colleagues and communities 🙂

We are looking for 40 groups or individuals to rally their friends. colleagues & community and raise £187.50 to be one of our 40 Bread Partners.

£187.50 buys enough flour to make bread for 750 families.

A whole truck in 25 tonnes, is £7,500 and feed 30,000 families.

If we get 40 Bread Partners we can send with ONE NATION a whole truck of flour and feed 30,000 people in dire need of food and assistance.

Details of how to donate are on the poster, also for International Donors (outside of UK) our IBAN/BIC info is:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
BIC/ Swift Code: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB49MIDL40472642663929



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35 people, 7 tonnes, 1 40ft Container

Thanks to Drew McCoy who filmed the container being loaded. Its honestly nowhere near as stressful as we expected. Any groups thinking of doing so we can send you the contact details to get connected to the people who can fund it (the container and the transport) and facilitate it.


40ft Container headed to Syria now

Saturday 5th March, 35 volunteers came and loaded up around 6.5-7 tonnes of aid. Container was funded by One Nation and facilitated with People to People Solidarity Group. It was actually a smooth process and felt good to get it all on its way.

We had had donations from all over the UK and also money donations, which we bought aid with, from UK and overseas donors.

Whilst we can’t help everyone in need, we can help those we can reach. There are so many people suffering right now, please do whatever you can (be it money or time) to help.

Breadflour Appeal Challenge – Are you up for it?

We are looking for 40 groups (or individuals) to raise £187.50 each.

Ok so we want to help 30,000 families in Syria with bread for them and their children.

Sounds insurmountable right? The good news is its not. We can do this!

We are launching the appeal today and we already have 5 of our 40.

£187.50 feeds 750 families with bread. £187.50 x 40 is £7,500 to feed 30,000 families.

Thankyou so far to:

12321584_505260619661256_9157733311340803883_n1) Sheila Porter and friends
2) Small Change Charity Shop, Liverpool, L9 (Susan Martin)
3) UAREUK Foreign Currency Appeal (Batch 1)
4) Katrina Glassick
5) Alison Bate

One Nation distribute the bread to all those in need within Syria. xx

£1000 committed to Syrian Food Packs

So, we are committing £1000 towards the One Nation Food Parcels. We have these funds in place and this is for April distribution. They will be distributed with our logo on so people can know their donations are going to those on the ground in need.

This will buy 57 families food for one month each.

Once our Foreign Currency Appeal grows legs we should be able to start helping much more with this.

You’re £17.50 donation to us could feed a family in Syria for a month! Even if you don’t have £17.50 why not find a few friends and club together towards one….every penny makes a difference 🙂

Food Parcel Appeal

Beds for Tilos – project completed

As agreed already, today we funded today 6 bunkbeds and 15 mattresses for the Tilos vulnerable persons/ family sleeping area in the two buildings there. £887.55 (€1115). The rest of the funds for 6 more bunkbeds and 9 mattresses has been raised by other donors in conjunction with Elena Pissa.

We have also sent some pillowcases and some toiletries for this unit too. Just some more sheets to buy.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible xx

Progress/ Project Update Thurs 3rd March

Another brilliant day. So many kind people both volunteering and dropping off. Thanks to Auralie Jones and Christopher Jones from LDS Chechen Porthmadog they brought loads of food packs Annd mum and baby packs plus they did a few pit stops on the way for tin openers and more baby food.

Barbara and Marjorie went to Aldi and bought more nappies and kids food pouches and a few bits we needed.

Val and I packed and sorted loads of stuff and the. We went to nightingale house hospice and asked if they wanted any of our jumble before we move so they took a lot and we had a good hour sorting it all.

Then Many thanks to Steph Williams and her two friends who brought food and clothes collections from Anglesey.

Another good end to the day, after a great day yesterday with Anna Preston, Joan, the LDS church from wrexham, val, Sue Harris who sorted food with me til late too we had a great laugh whilst doing something useful too.

Countdown begins we have decided to open 10-6 tomorrow as we have so many things to do, collections from SHARE group in Flint who are kindly donating us 50 bags of children’s sorted clothes, Sue and Greg Ogden are doing that whilst I help the unload a drop off at 10am at the wRehouse. Then we due in loads more deliveries including Pobl y Bobl bringing a whole trailer at 2pm to unload smile emoticon

Whilst we taking all these deliveries Greg is off to Liverpool to collect 400 Tina of donated chickpeas and stuff from Manchester superstore lodge lane Liverpool branch, then to sue Susan Martin, Jenny Green and then Carla Warla Barla to collect the donations from Royal Liverpool hospital staff.

Greg and a very skilled friend also made steps for the container on weds night and they are amazing!

So great so many people helping and joining in it’s really nice to see X

Progress/Project Update 1st March

Another 800 euro sent to Chios Wholesalers this morning from various kind donations and some from our general pot to make sure we keep funds moving to where needed.

Also Valentina Georgievska has some women in Tabanovtse asking for baby milk so we will try and sort that out.

Please keep donating so we can help meet at least some of the needs we are being asked to help with.

thankyou xxx

Progress/ Project Updates as at 29th Feb

What a 24 hours it’s been crazy. Am trying best to keep up but all accounting and finance sheets will have to be done next week. This week is just about keeping things going and meeting as many needs as we can do.

£455 for buggies and ladies scarves to Macedonia
€1000 sent to Chios Refugee Kitchen wholesalers
120kg of baby complete clothing sets to Chios
750kg of aid off to Macedonia and Chios tomorrow inc Medical Aid
13 hours of packing and sorting in warehouse last 2 days for container
Over 1000 kids fruit pots arriving in next two days for Syria container
16 wheelchairs being cleaned and prepped for Syria container tomorrow