We got a shout last week (24th June) to say WATER COOLER NEEDED URGENTLY FOR campREFUGEE CAMP STUCK ON EXPOSED HILLSIDE WITH NO SHADE. €460. Ideally they needed two.

There are 250 people (140 of whom are kids) are stuck on a hillside camphere with no shade (see pic)

Temperatures are soaring in Greece, there were plans to move Aspri Ammos (Eski Kapu) in Kavala, a camp in mainland Greece, off the exposed mountainside that it is on….these have been held off so there is a need…watercooler.jpg

Via Elena Pissa we were in contact with The “Solidarity Citizens” which is an open group of volunteers with a common goal the assistance, support and solidarity to the refugees who sailed to the port of Kavala since mid-summer.
It is not a profit-making or not NGO, nor a public or a self-governing structure. Ordinary citizens, which in front on their agony to alleviate the refugee drama unfolded in front on their doorstep, took joint action.
The group action continued after the dramatic development by the closed borders, providing services, assistance and support either refugees hosted in homes, or those who live in the tents in Aspri Ammos (Eski Kapu) in Kavala.

There is a permanent supply of drinking water and electricity, so this cooler can be connected as soon as it arrives (assuming we can raise enough money for it).

And wow you know what we raised money for nearly enough for 3!!

And then a Greek organisation agreed to fund one of the two needed. So we are waiting news from Chios island as to if the authorities will allow two to be installed there as they need them too the volunteer group confirmed.

The water cooler is being ordered by UAREUK today (29th June) direct from a Greek supplier. xx