Education sponsor for local Syrian family £1050!!

Am really happy to tell you we have, within 4 hours of giving a heads up of an announcement we were due to make about looking for a sponsor for a Syrian man to get his UK version of his Syrian qualifications, been approached by a sponsor for the whole amount £1050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This man has no way to prove his previous career or skills, he wants to be employed and pay taxes and support his family.
They had looked at porting over his qualifications from Syria but with no certificates due to what has happened there) he couldn’t.

The £1050 will be funding two electrical courses and exams which will allow him to get the UK version of his qualifications:
– City and guilds 4141-01 Domestic Installation Workshop
– City and Guilds 2382-15 17th edition

They felt there was no way he could find this money, this sponsor means a brighter future and I can’t wait til Monday when they will let him know.

what a wonderful wonderful remarkable thing from one human being to another! in tears


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