Refreshed Objectives 2016 second half

This are our objectives now:

1 – Work in partnership to set up some sustainable initiatives and support aid projects in Lebanon with Martin Kvernbekk and Igor of Salam LDC (Elias Matar is out there with them at the moment)
2 – Continued support for, and promotion of, Chios Refugees’ Street Kitchen, and sending some aid pallets over. Kostas Tanainis
3 – Support a mainland Greece camp to the best of our ability, fundraising, buying locally in Greece and sending aid – still working on where best to do this – waiting on some more info in liaison with Elena Pissa

And carry on with support for Tilos Hospitality Centre for Vulnerable Refugee Families as needed.

We have a separate set of collection boxes started for one of the local homeless outreach volunteers to use – donations are given specifically for this so they don’t get mixed up!


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