A few weeks back a number of us were alerted by a Jordanian activist and journalist there was a little girl with severe burns who was showing signs of deterioration and in a critical state having been burnt.

We all worked together across a number of groups, including UAREUK, and I spoke to the hospital where she was to confirm the information. This failed on the main part due to language barriers and so a lovely Syrian British lady helped me. When I called they confirmed she was in a critical condition as she had infections in her blood now.

The groups Edinburgh Cares and UK Action for Refugees set up a fundraiser to pay for her treatment to try and make her better.

Quite wondrously she is now out of hospital and on the mend after a number of operations and procedures.

Thanks to all our donors we were able to put £330 towards her operation costs.

Hope she has a brighter future when the war ends. xx