We will have live video links to Lebanon and Greece refugee camps on the 16th July. So 13428566_10154441393374156_1429692565860783570_n.jpgthey can see us and we can see them. The greatest thing that divides us is fear that is all. Liverpool is made up of so many amazing cultures and people being a port and I am very proud to be hosting it with Claire Freeman. So I will be out of action for anything else now til 17th July!

Hugely proud we will be showing UK first showing of Elias Matar’s ‘Flight of the Refugees’ film. I arrived to Tabanovtse not long after they had filmed it. This has been touring the USA and won awards at some film festivals.

Elias is out in Lebanon at the moment with his daughter volunteering with Martin Kvernbekk and all at Salam LDC.