Car Boot raises £90

Greg Ogden and his family have been up since crack of dawn doing a carboot sale for UAREUK 🙂 thanks and we need to get more members organising their own if they have time to do local collections I their community and do a boot sale.
It all mounts up. Xx

They raised £90 – thanks loads for getting up early and doing this 🙂


Lebanon projects

We have set one of our objectives as being to support Salam LADC going forwards.
We have kicked it off today with a donation of $300 some of the money left from the watesalam.jpgr cooler fundraising so they can buy fans and aid there for those in dire need.

This is in the words of Martin Kvernbekk who runs it:

“Hello world!

Since me and Igor came to Lebanon in January, more than 10 000 pairs of shoes has been distributed. Through the system we set up more than 80 000 usd has been spent on direct aid. A little over 20 000 usd has been spent on medical cases. As well as big food disributions to Syrian refugees in the settlements, we do house to house distributions to volnurable Palestinian and Lebaneese families that lives of the grid and does not recieve aid elsewhere. We have pop up cinema in the settlements. We have several education projects ongoing and 5 containers on aid is expected from europe this summer. We distribute livestock, fix roofs, provide kitchen supplies, buy medicine and basically whatever it takes to leviate the sad conditions people have lived in here for years. Since february, over 100 amazing volunteers has helped make this happen!

Please help us secure the continuation of this plattform as it has become bigger than ever imagined and really provides a positive impact to the poorest of poor here in Bekaa. With close to two million refugees in Lebanon , the challanges are huge and the tasks are many, but we are willing to try. Please help us in this effort and let us see the potential of this come to life. Thank you all!

Care and Share 🙂 ”


Pallet of baby bottles for Syria

One of our lovely donors donation of pallet of baby bottles for Syria arrived yesterday to go in the container leaving from High Wycombe in next couple days smile emoticon:) Thankyou to this person who wants to remain anon who has done so so much for us baby bottles.jpg

Lebanon Aid 9th July – for aid packs

Thanks to donors last night and this morning we have just sent £260 for nappies and underwear for Pobl I Bobl (Catrin Wager) to go buy for the packs they are making for babies, kids, women and men for the Lebanon container) they were short of these so this will help make sure they can get a load more for loads more packs xx