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Official partners of Tilos Hospitality Centre for Vulnerable Refugees

This is what I have been up to whilst up early to check on the new chickens 🙂
Our document is now written to be announced on UNHCR site as official partners of Tilos Hospitality Centre for Vulnerable Refugees.
It won’t let me attach the file sadly so this is the text:
UAREUK (United to Assist Refugees UK) was set up in September 2015. It is currently applying for charitable status in the UK.
Based in the UK their details are:
Unit 4, 6 Davy Way
Llay Industrial Estate
Llay, Wrexham
LL12 0PG
Email: contact@uareuk.com
More information can be found on their website at http://www.UAREUK.com
Founder is Jane Townend, a previous project manager and business analyst at Deutsche Bank. There are 4 other founding members Greg, Katharine, Alistair & Wayne and between them all they prioritise aid requests and run the organisation to meet their main objective the relief of need and suffering among the internally displaced and refugees fleeing war and persecution. In the form of material aid, nourishment & money for persons, bodies, organisations and/or countries affected.
They have, to date, provided aid in or to Calais, Dunkirk, Macedonia, Slovenia/ Austria border, Greece (incl the islands and having been part of Island2Island Relief to move surplus aid in Lesvos warehouses to Chios which had shortages), Jordan, Turkey, Syria & Lebanon. Methods of assistance, support and solidarity range from distributing aid on the ground, to sending pallets and 40ft containers of aid, funding wholesaler accounts for kitchens cooking for refugees (Chios island) to buying aid locally in the countries to support local host economies also.
For Tilos we have to date funded:
Aid from the UK (ranging from clothing packs to baby supplies to craft and play items for the children)
The kitchen (commercial sized cooker etc.)
10 tables and 60 chairs
6 bunk beds and 13 mattresses
Pillowcases and sheets for beds
Clothes dryers
A chainsaw for clearing the area for building

Christmas CARE

Christmas Card Campaign – Turn your D into an E
Turn your Christmas Card into Christmas Care
Instead of that £30 – £50 you might spend on cards that then get recycled two weeks later by the recipients.
Turn your CARD to CARE
We would love you to donate your Christmas card money to UAREUK so we could do something meaningful with the funds, most likely a medical procedure for a sick or injured child.
You can donate using the ref ‘CARD 2 CARE’ at:

We could change someone’s life this Christmas time. I hope you will join us ❤


We have raised over £80,000 in donations – milestone reached this week.
Wayne has totalled that we have had, since the start, donations totalling £78,251 so far which then added to this week’s accounts which is another £2100 then it means we have broken the £80,000 barrier!
We have also probably sent the same again in aid donations.

We are 1 year old on Sunday 3rd September and when I set out to join forces with Anna Newton to collect some baby things off her in New Mums of Chester group for another box I was sending over to Greece I never thought we’d have grown as we have.
A great group of people trying to help where and when we can.
You can’t change the world for everyone, but everyone can change the world for someone. ❤

Hygiene Pack Shopping

BANK HOLIDAY IS HYGIENE PACK SHOPPING TODAY – We welcome donations towards them x
Katharine Nell is off out shopping for the next batch of hygiene packs for Athens. She’s giving up some of her bank holiday so very grateful to her.

If you would like to donate towards them you can do so at:
paypal: contact@uareuk.com
or By bank transfer/ pay into:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929

All donations of any size help us keep going and helping xxxx

Clothes for Chios

We raised £1250 on gofundme plus £50 via paypal for CESRT Chios clothing needs for refugees.
After gofundme remittance fees that gives = £1153.71 to send over to Chios CESRT team tomorrow. Pothiti Kitromilidi and I agreed we will send it direct to the clothing wholesaler to buy clothes.
Thankyou so much to everyone who donated to this it will make a big difference to many people x

Foreign Currency Appeal

OK so….we have flyers ready for people to run their own foreign currency appeals locally for us and write in their dropoff point.

Who wants some? we can collect them when you’re done from North wales, Wirral, Chester and Liverpool and if further afield you can send to us with a courier or cash in yourselves and send to us. Or drop to us in Wrexham.

All towards projects in Lebanon for basic needs aid, medical aid, education provision and women’s sustainability efforts/ co-operativesForeign currency flyer


Catering by UAREUK

We can now provide tea, coffee, snacks, juices and crepes at any event if you know somewhere that wants to support refugees maybe as part of another event that needs some catering even if it doesn’t have a kitchen. We have our hygiene certificate in place.

All our cups, plates, bowls and cutlery is biodegradable and compostable so we are the ethical option