Well in other lovely news…Ilmarie Braun and Alex Braun asked guests for donations instead of gifts for their sons’ naming day on Saturday. So their two lovely sons will have helped many other children with this act of kindness. I met Ilmarie Braun today and they had donations of £530 from the naming day which is amazing.

So grateful to all their family and friends for this.

So we have agree it to be split – £265 will go to Teachers without borders projects in Lebanon to to fund school books for young children and a little of it will go to the youth between 12-16 who don’t get anything…so it will buy books for them too.

And the other £265 is going to be spent in Thessaloniki camps (three of them) and refugee families living on the streets there as part of a fund we are sending for Valentina Georgievska‘s trip to Thessaloniki tomorrow for aid for these three camps and those on the streets there. I will announce more about that later.

It will make a big difference to many children so thankyou very much everyone, privileged you thought of UAREUK xxx