Please a request every time you go shopping please add in a pack of wipes, paracetemol/ Ibuprofen or kids meds, pack of nappies or baby milk and cup. Or all of them 🙂
As it will help us tot up towards next container once we found a new place to be based in in Wrexham.

Whilst a lot of Wrexham don’t know we exist and we’ve had the fewest events of all done there for us compared to everywhere else….we have raised £70k nearly for refugee crisis and sent at least that again in aid donations probably more so.

It’s amazing what we have all done together and I know our story and support and aid has only just begun.

If anyone wants info on volunteering in Greece or Lebanon please do let us know. We have a donor who will fund a flight to Athens as long as the volunteer is staying for one month minimum xx