Let us not forget what the UNHCR said:

“Syria is the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time, a continuing cause of suffering for millions”

….”which should be garnering a groundswell of support around the world,”

adding that only a political settlement would end the suffering but more countries had to take a greater share of refugees in the meantime.

When our kids ask “What did you do mum/dad/auntie/uncle?” You will be one of a minority who will be able to say we stood up and did something, We gave up things to help, we gave Way stuff we needed that someone else might have some small solace from it, that someone else might live with that food I bought instead of spending it on crap I didn’t need anyway.

You will sadly be one of a few and you should all realise that if there were more of you the world would be a kinder, gentler place than the chaos man and his masses have created from this beautiful earth. We were and are awake to suffering that came to our shores when most were asleep or turned away.

We often feel in many conflicts we cannot connect to the people logistically to get aid to them, we feel by big organisations that perhaps we are to small to make a difference.

This conflict came to European shores, it opened our eyes that we can reach people and IT’S THE LARGEST HUMANITARIAN CRISIS of our time and yet a lot of the world is doing nothing NOTHING.

Do something, do anything, if you can’t donate spread the word it’s just as important. Donate your time.

You know my story, I’ve had two miscarriages since we started the group last September the first one in middle of first container to Syria , my father in law died just before container 2 left and we had to pack the second container to Syria in midst of organising his funeral but we never ever ever give up on helping this. I have seen the refugees with my own eyes whilst the Balkans route was open and I know I’d never stop helping those women and kids and elderly having seen feet without shoes, little feet in old shoes too big for them and scared children in the middle of the night in the fog on a strange station in a country they don’t even know the name of desperate for a pair of mittens for cold hands or a change of clothes from soaking nappies and clothes.

We must always speak up those whose voice has been silenced. Thankyou for being part of UAREUK.