Chainsaw for Chios camp

£200 sent 11th August directly purchased from Greek Supplier on Rhodes- Chainsaw for Tilos island making buildings for the Vulnerable Refugee Centre there – the one they have has broken and need to clear a lot of overgrown areas to continue the project. (Wood/ branches will be used for fuel so will not be wasted)

Help us from afar :)

You don’t need to live near our unit to help us with physical aid items.

If you aren’t nearby to our Llay, Wrexham unit why not get a supermarket shop delivery sent to us of nappies, wipes, bottles of baby milk, food, plasters, and lots of other things from our needs list for the different emergency packs for hygiene, food and baby packs

Unit 4, 6 Davy Way
Llay Industrial Estate
Llay, Wrexham
LL12 0PG

Aid to Athens started – collected last weds – due any day

First 3 boxes of aid by way of 50 hygiene packs and some other items left last week by 14034930_10154575233584156_6817540777461964728_nParcelforce. Only 90kg but its a great start and if all goes well we prepping a pallet for her next (300-330kg) so we need loads of items of our needs list to pack into it.
We had a great drop off of maternity wear too last Thursday which went straight In ready to go 🙂
Those first three boxes should be there soon!


As ever good chat with Elias Matar in LA tonight. Looking forward to seeing a sneak preview of his new film, Exodus filmed in Greece (Chios) and Turkey.

If you haven’t already seen his first film FLIGHT OF THE REFUGEES it’s won awards at film festivals in the USA, it has only had one showing here in UK in Liverpool.

We can provide events for schools, colleges, universities, societies etc. with a Q&A session and the film. We would charge a donation fee or people would pay for tickets whichever is suitable for the type of event (the funds support our projects and we pay 10% of it to him to make sure he can continue to make more films (number 3 is of Lebanon refugee situation) highlighting what refugees are facing in this major humanitarian crisis.

z flight of the refugees.png

Update from 23rd August

Today Jane Butcher did loads of blogging for us to get us up to date on the website which was very amazing given she is due to give birth on Saturday 🙂 and Katharine Nell, Greg Ogden and I sorted aid for the packs for softex camp families (softex is an old toilet roll factory which is now a refugee camp in thessaonilki)and then shopped for the remaining needed items.

It covers outfits and footwear for 34 people ranging from 56 years old to 6-9 months old with many of them kids including one small baby. So some of the Thessaloniki funds have been spent on this Thankyou to everyone who donated xxx

Jane then went on to give birth two days later!! A healthy Baby girl. Congratulations xx