So we have a nearly new sale table in Waverton tomorrow if anyone fancies coming down. Katharine Nell and I are not that one.
We have a cake sale next Saturday at another event which Anna Newton is doing.
Greg Ogden is doing a table sale early November too.
So we trying to focus on sales aswell….
SO the good news is…Anna Is now our selling lady!
Anna coordinates as of this week selling online for UAREUK to add to the multitude of roles she already does for the group!!



Loads deliveries today and some aid sent over to Athens and Chios.
We had over £100 donations for the Syrian (refugee) family in uk and the result is this which is clothing pack, coat, shoes, hat, gloves & scarves for every family member, food and hygiene items. Thankyou everyone who donated funds and items xx
Am just home before midnight it’s been a great, positive and inspiring day with so much happening and some new standing orders set up 🙂
The unit, thanks to our core of volunteers, is in great shape now.
Luckily our bed delivery at home came before lunch so I could dedicate rest of day to it all. Tomorrow is softex refugee camp kids and baby packs and sorting aid x

What IS our outlook?

Our outlook on everything we are not there to know who is doing what or what is happening inside Syria on all sides.
All our aim is is to help with focus on women and children who find themselves with no homes or food wherever they are.

Another week’s work :)

As every week there’s lots going on thanks to some smashing and dedicated volunteers.
– Box out tomorrow to Chios – rescue team vests and other things
– Box out tomorrow to Athens – another 21 hygiene kits
– Pallet baby bottles coming to us for onwards journey to Athens
– One pallet baby bottles organised this evening to go to Nora Carlin’s group for container to Greece mid October.
(Bottles only given where they have kettles/ ways to sterilise)
– We booking our packed and ready pallet full of mums and baby aid plus the baby bottle pallet to go to Athens.
– Sorting aid for Softex full packs for 14 more children and babies
– Sorting and buying aid for local refugee family with very little at present.
– Sorting food and aid donations and a HUGE amount of aid from LDS churches after their workshops last weekend.
There is always plenty going on to try do as much as we can to help. thanks because there a really kind and caring bunch of people here who have enabled us to help and am extremely grateful to you all x

Some positive news

I wanted to share something really positive as well….there seems to be an increasing number of people setting up standing orders for us to buy aid for our Invisible Child ongoing appeal.
It really does make a difference when we get £2 a week or £3 a week from someone ongoing as it builds up and can be the difference between a child going without or having something basic like food or warmth.
Thankyou ever ever so much to those of you who have taken this to your hearts, I just logged on as was really really encouraged and grateful.
thankyou ❤

Pudding Night

Thankyou to Anna Newton and everyone who went to last Wednesday’s pudding night in Saughall – they raised a smashing £216 which is enough to send two pallets of aid (over 600kg) to Refugees in need.
thanks a million to everyone and to Anna Newton who is a cracker xxx

The invisible child

Are you new to UAREUK and want to help us keeping buying and sending aid?
We would love if you could donate any money you could spare, maybe foregoing something this week to help a child in need of food and blankets/ clothes.


We are aiming for £2,500, we are at £145 as donations are drying up everywhere so we are grateful for every last penny.
We can only help whilst people help us help, without your support we wouldn’t be able to help ❤

High visibility Vets for CESRT

50 of these vests are due to arrive tomorrow using part of a very kind donation from Karin Schneider. The rest of the donation is going to CESRT tomorrow (had been delayed sending it as company was faffing around with stock levels anyway good news if they now have them all in stock!)
This identifies those who are part of CESRT both on watch teams at night (and day) for boats.
We provide a lot of rescue equipment etc to the team last year and early this year too.
Headed up by Pothiti Kitromilidi they are always on the go 24/7. ❤