“No-one can change the world for everyone, but everyone can change the world for someone” is our motto
So our first box of aid went to Lesvos back on 28th August last year, box 1 was all our own stuff mainly baby stuff of Sunny’s.
Then I set up UAREUK a year today to help coordinate some items with Anna Newton and couple other mums for a second box.
October I went to Macedonia on a whim, travelled home with Faisal Raza Haideri & Valentina Georgievska through Serbia (checked the parks for people in need with Valentina Georgievska), Croatia, Slovenia (Sentilj camp and no mans land), Austria (Spielfeld no mans land), Germany (refugee/asylum centre overnight), France and home all in a transit van.
If you wish to help mark this date when we started out we’d love any donation of any size it all helps us to continue our work and mark what has been achieved so far ….we would be very grateful.