Everything is in good shape….we have one problem….

Not all rent donations came in – they had us near £200 of the £364 needed each month. The one off payments made really helped us out this last month’s payment.
We have like £130 so far this month.
We desperately need to stabilise this until gift aid begins when we get charity status.

Can anyone help us? If 27 members could support us with £10 each month or 54 members could support us with £5 each monthly it would mean we can carry on doing what we do without a major stress each month.

Its £364 per month for the unit, its shaping up amazingly. Greg and his son shelved it out with heavy duty shelves which work as sorting platforms too – perfect height. And the racking is going up next week that was kindly donated to us.
We can’t do this without support of members. Please help us!

We welcome any one off donations and also monthly commitments of £5 or £10 would make the world of difference to us – this aid hub can only exist with the support of everyone and we really value it.