Louay’s Skull Operation – the permit is awaited but anyway the doctor is away til Saturday but, bless him, he is going via the camp to collect Loauy’s medical papers to present them to the UN – then we go from there
Teacher’s without Borders Lebanon £500 – still awaiting confirmation of bank details from them.
Softex camp packs via Shan Abdul Qayyum – nearly ready – we have learnt soooo much from doing this and I have spent a strange afternoon with a trolley full of pants in Asda. We have created excel look ups and conversion charts for future ones now to make it easier to do. The 34 packs are nearly ready will be by mid next week
Next 21 hygiene packs for Athens – all items bought and ready to make them, waiting bags from Helen Harris’s craft group (cant wait to see them) she is kindly dropping off on Thursday so we can put them in.
Pallet to Chios (CESRT) – awaiting arrival date for it – should be there any day now.
Also Valentina Georgievska is going to Thessaloniki probs 10th/11th to help out and distribute aid so we are collecting donations for her to buy aid there, along with the funds we have left for it after we used some to buy kids and babies clothes and shoes etc for Thessaloniki.
UAREUK Lottery Club – has been launched – please contact Anna Newton for a form (also available to print from under the ‘Files’ tab on this group page)
Container from Norway to Lebanon – we didn’t fill this up but we paid for it to be transported from Norway to Lebanon full of aid for the camps there. Will update when it arrives.
Pallet to Athens – filling up nicely ready to send. All donations coming in will be going into this pallet to get it filled and ready to go asap.