Did you know boat landings have started coming again?

I spoke with some of CESRT on Chios and they had 4 boats averaging 50 people two nights ago and more coming.
Same happening on Lesvos.

This isn’t going away. I fear if the world doesn’t wake up and help that this will escalate into something that once out of the bag cannot be out back in.
Athens has people sleeping all over including in squats and on the streets and many European cities have people on the streets.
The world turning it’s back is going to turn this pressure cooker into something much worse – they HAVE to act and do something about the root causes of it all in so many places.

Thankyou for being part of this group and doing what we can to help.
We need funds to keep going on a regular basis and a HUGE thankyou to those giving up their time and those who are setting up standing orders to us to reach out directly and quickly to those in need.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, we can only exist because you do. Please spread the word.
This is the largest crisis of our time and its growing. We have to play our part.