Can’t believe this is nearly a year ago. This was taken somewhere around 2-3am In Macedonia close to the border with Serbia in fact very close to Kosovo too) and it was freezing cold and foggy.
We had to totally change many kids clothes and nappies as they were sopping wet with very bad coughs and respiratory issues.
Many of them cried when they came in the van as they were frightened until they realised they could trust us and that a relative was just there with them.
Then we gave them torches to carry there journey on at the side of a rail track in the pitch black to Serbia.
Being a mother thinking of my little son at home, the hurt I felt for these kids is something I can’t put into words and it will last with me forever.

I am so glad I had the chance to go and I am so glad I have the chance to keep helping. It is something I never imagined I would see. 1000 people arriving at a time on a train in the depths of night in fog, with just what they were carrying.

A year on UAREK is established and doing as much as we can, if anyone wants to help or knows people looking for ways to help please send them our way to