I lie awake sometimes worrying about how we will fund everything and it’s only because of our amazing members and supporters we have been able to help in many ways so far. For that HUGE thankyou, I ask you please, please keep spreading the word.
Why do we need ongoing donations and support and fundraisers and anything anyone can do? Our next aims are:
First pallet of aid and money for projects at Softex in conjunction with Intervolve £330
1 x Pallet of aid to Athens with another ready to go also soon £660 for both, £330 to get first one on its way
1 x Pallet of aid to Chios £330
Boxes of aid to Athens also £38 a time, we have around 4 boxes (120kg) ready to go so £152
Plus we will likely need £500 more for Loauy’s skull operation in Lebanon
Rent – we need £364 each month and each month we have been short by over £200 so far 😦 One gift aid starts this will resolve this issue

I can work anywhere from 4-8 hours a day on this, to be honest its often more but I can’t do it without funding ongoing so appreciate all help, even collect up pennies in a jar to help towards costs of sending and buying aid xx ❤ thankyou