Book Keeping for UAREUK

David Wayne de Precio and I are just talking about the books and book keeping for UAREUK.

We have raised over £80,000 now and it all goes on aid or sending aid as you all know.

The only time it would go on e.g. rent, van hire to move aid for containers, shelving for the new unit or like a cheap room in Thessaloniki for Valentina Georgievska (for 4 nights this week) is when the donor specifically donates for that and it goes into a separate fund away from the general fund.

David Wayne de Precio gives a us a weekly snapshot of all funds raised to date and then a snapshot of all the pots as at the previous Monday. This Is then reconciled weekly to the UAREUK bank account.

We keep all the books at the unit, and all trustees share dropbox so all records can be reconciled if anyone had any queries.

It’s open, transparent and will be audited/ verified each year by an independent auditor/ accountant 🙂


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