Valentina Georgievska has been busy in Thessaloniki since she got there on Saturday. She has been to three of the camps and with some doctors there.
She has met with Chloe from Intervolve and we have had a natter with them on many things and will now be focussing there on try to send items for their needs list, which starts with the 40 COTS FOR TOTS.
Also she bought stuff like coffee, toilet paper, sanitary towels and today she bought stuff for the kids and tomorrow some education supplies like pads and pens for a small school project being set up at one camp.
This is all the kind of things for the kids that we wanted to help with and Ilmarie Braun this is where half the donations from the Boy’s naming day have been helping for supplies for the kids 🙂 some updates and photos will follow over the weekend when I get chance to upload them. But thankyou to everyone who put towards this. xx ❤