All set for LDS talk

Met the lovely Kim Neige Guillot last night at the unit to do swaps, she dropped us off a travel cot from a kind donor on her group and I passed over all the stuff for Calais for her for MeresyAid that Helen Harris had brought over from Anglesey from their group.

Collected also all the leaflets, life jacket, UNCHR stuff, UAREUK picture folder and various selection of UAREUK merchandise and also some bits that the Red Cross need for the family arriving soon here.

So all set, slept ok-ish (aswell as you ever do with a wriggly toddler in the bed!) Up early, chickens out and fed, had breakfast.

Ready to dress up for once not like a scruff and go present to the LDS church we know there’s at least 100 people coming. We are showing the film by Elias Matar ‘Flight of the Refugees’ which is becoming more and more important by the day as it is essentially now a testimony to the situation when the borders were open and the sheer desperation of many.

And I will be speaking about UAREUK and how as units of one feeling helpless we have all come together to create something that is stronger together and can help in some ways to make a difference to at least some people and as a small group it’s achieved a lot and thanks to all the members so I’d like to say Thankyou as I’ll be speaking really about all of you today and I’m proud of what we’ve done and we need to keep spreading the word to bring more people on board.

LDS churches from Wirral, Runcorn and north wales are all convening for today’s event and bringing their donations from their respective churches. These will be split between the camps in Thessaloniki and camps and squats in Athens.
I’d like to thank the LDS church for asking us to join in with today’s event and if any groups be they faith or community based would like to hold a similar event just give us a shout 🙂 x


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