UAREUK Talk, Q&A and Film Event – Saturday 17th September

We did a very positive and well received (so I am reliably informed) talk , Q&A and film showing to the LDS Church in Ewloe with many of their branches from Wirral, Runcorn and North Wales attending.
They had an amazing set of well planned workshops in the afternoon too for everyone to make items for the refugees.
It was a very moving event and I have to confess I cried when I spoke as I couldn’t hold it in despite trying.
We had an info stall after the talk, Q&A and film. Alot of people asked for info and took our pack lists for Hygiene Packs, Baby Packs and Emergency Food Packs. And quite a few people now want to go and volunteer and help so we are just putting a document together for opportunities in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chios with the groups their who need volunteers but to also list what kind of opportunities there are from helping in the warehouse to helping in the kitchens on Chios at PSK (Peoples Street Kitchen)
Elias Matar let us show his film ‘Flight of the Refugees’ which was of great interest (and hugely informative). Very grateful to him.
We passed on info about other groups more local to some people in parts of North Wales too.
They collected lots and lots of donations too which half have already been delivered to the unit ready to send over to Greece for winter approaching – so many kids hats and gloves and blankets it was really good to see.
We are happy to do similar for other groups too that will donate towards the cause and for Elias to Keep on being able to make films that tell the true story and are testament to the situation on the ground in many places.
We are currently discussing submitting his second film Exodus to some UK film festivals. I was lucky enough to have a preview last week and I cried so so hard watching it but it needs to be seen.
Kim from The Red Cross came too to present and she had a stand for info also, and between us all we answered the questions in the Q&A. The Red Cross are coordinating settlement locally of refugees on the Syrian Resettlement program and we are providing any items they request from us.
SO much momentum and so much action taken away from this day it was untrue. I hear that some of the information was passed on in other subsequent meetings and sessions in other areas so that is really good to hear.


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