An Alien came down from space

An alien came down from space…I chose three things to tell him that are going on in the world at the moment.
First I gave him my take on it.
Secondly I asked him which ones did he think were most important and being talked about most
Thirdly I told him what was in the media and being spoke about everywhere
1) The Bake Off
-My take: couldn’t give a sh*t, of no importance to anything
-He ranked it: lowest at number 3
-Level of importance in media/public: highest at 1
2)Brangelina divorce
-My take: don’t care other than hope the kids are ok
-He ranked it: middle at number 2
-Level of importance in media/public: middle at number 2
3)Refugee crisis, Syrian war
-My take: well it’s not mine i’ll quote UNHCR “the largest humanitarian crisis of our time”
-He ranked it: top at number 1, he assumed the world had mobilised to help and bring aid and it was being talked about everywhere
-Level of importance in media/public: lowest at number 3, compassion fatigue has hit, barely in news, donations drying up, need Increasing and yet people don’t care as its not in our backyard….yet, either that or they’re too busy discussing bake off or Brangelina.
…He got back in his ship and flew off when I told him….think we’ll join him next time.
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