Update on Loui’s Skull operation – he went into hospital yesterday and had his operation and it was successful!
As you know we have £1000 towards it. So many things have changed so many times. The amounts needed changed, then we (that is everyone in the save injured children group) had to ascertain what was going on, the permission for parents to pass the military point to the hospital had expired, then the UN said no, then the UN said yes.
So at even just a week or so ago we were looking at collectively all the groups having to raise the $6000 for surgery (the doctor sorted this as originally the total cost was given at $7000!)
So Shazia Malik raised over £3000, there was $1000 from Salam LADC in Lebanon and our £1000, £500 of which was from Shaz Shauket and donors.
So Shazia Malik has gone to Lebanon and will be sorting Loui’s hospital bill and between us all we will use our funds for an operations for a young girl, just about 1 years old, who was born with displaced hips. Shazia Malik will be updating us on Monday so we will keep you all posted.
How amazing that between us all we can help 2 children when we set out to help 1!
For those of you that haven’t seen this case already, Loui was playing on the roof of his house in Syria when a bomb dropped on it and took him with it…it’s quite a miracle he even survived the attack.