I try so hard to switch off but all I can think of tonight Is baby soap and underwear and packaging.

It’s just all grown so much and we have like so much on the go and to do.

We give so much of ourselves to this and I am really grateful for all those of you making sanitary towels, making clothing packs, doing fundraisers, spreading the word, collecting aid, sorting and helping and donating.

I know you know, as I do, this is for the long haul. It is a way of life really now.

We have to accept this is on our doorstep in ways not seen since WW2 really, and for me whilst there are kids and babies in need for whatever reason and all politics and religion aside I know I must help.

If it was my son in need of food and clothes I hope someone would help him to in the same way and impartially.

We focus on kids and mums, the sick and the elderly. We do our best. We can only do what we can do. And if we do that we can say we tried our best.