The food order is going in for Lebanon tomorrow with Genna Rourke, we don’t have much to go towards it at the moment  😦

I know I ask and ask and ask but this is a direct way to feed kids in winter conditions in sub zero temps in tents.

It’s life or death.

I have given up my whole life to do this I have had no income for over a year to do it and I have sold some stuff on ebay to donate to it.

Please help.

We go about our lives, we are so lucky. This is a way to help directly. Its not funding leather chairs in a London based HQ – we even show you where your aid goes.

Spread this far and wide. I am calling out tonight for everyone to do what they can, even if it is sharing where you cannot afford to donate, it helps maybe reach someone who doesn’t know what we are doing. It makes a difference.

If anyone wants to donate to the food aid we are collectively lifting over to Lebanon these are the ways to help.