Idlib Bombing..Little people suffering!

I’ve seen another update from Idlib on the bombings this morning. God the kids faces. I won’t be sharing the photos as they are utterly devastating of kids blown to pieces and body parts.
Hug your children tight tonight for there are many parents tonight morning little souls just went to school as never came home.
I remember seeing family photos of a lady we helped in a network of several of us. It was her beautiful sons and her (one with each) with Syrian countryside in background and her face beaming with love, both boys so well dressed. She was a professional with a career.

Both her children went to school one day last year and a bomb fell on school – she never saw them again. What came after for her I don’t know how she coped. With the help of many people we for her support and to safety but her boys are buried in her homeland she may never visit again.

So upset tonight for all these little people


A group of people who have come together to collect and send donations to refugees in Lesvos Greece. This will also be ongoing to help local homeless shelters and other groups locally

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