Working together :)

Dropped off bags of adult clothes to SHARE this afternoon as we focussing on baby and kids packs until mid November and we don’t want them sitting around when they could be on their way. And a highchair that is going straight to a local family in need. Met Lowri Tegan Earith for the first time too which was great.

I was there to collect two double buggies that Charlie from SHARE had kindly brought back from Nora Carlin for us for two local families in need. Thankyou Charlie & Thankyou Nora Carlin.

And Lowri Tegan Earith gave us loads reusable (and disposable) nappies for the baby packs for Lebanon.

I saw all the bags of teddies too waiting to go to Genna Rourke for Merseyaid for the Lebanon container too.

We were saying how it’s really good how we all working together to get stuff to those in need. Top stuff


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