Who is doing a reverse Advent Calendar?

Who else is doing a reverse Christmas calendar? Nice one Ilmarie Braun and family 🙂 x



The Greek camps have either snow or rain bringing awful conditions to refugees in mainland Europe, they living in flimsy tents no heating in alot and oh my god can you imagine trying to look after kids, babies and the elderly in these conditions. I never thought I’d say it but all the refugees I saw, met or spoke to in Macedonia and Slovenia were the lucky ones as they got through before the borders closed.

Awful we can’t do better than this, we don’t have logistics or access issues to blame or hide behind there is just no excuse.

Reverse Advent Calendar

A few people have asked me what to collect for Advent UAREUK instead of calendars.
So here goes!

UAREUK Advent countdown to Christmas with the kids. I haven’t had time to make in fancy!

1. Baby wipes
2. Pack sanitary towels
3. Pack crayons
4. Plain Flour
5. Basmati Rice
6. Red or green lentils
7. Salt
8. Sugar
9. Vegetable Oil
10. Tomato paste/puree
11. Tinned vegetables (especially chickpeas, tomatoes and kidney beans)
12. Tin of Sardines
13. Tin of Sardines
14. Tea
15. Coffee
16. Pack of Biscuits
17. Long life milk
18. Black Pepper
19. Pasta
20. 2 x adults’ toothbrushes
21. 2 x children’s toothbrushes
22. Box of plasters (individual ones)
23. Toothpaste
24. Hairbrush
25. 2 in 1 shampoo bottle

Tidying needed

We are continuing to tidy up the unit and have lots of clothes that still need sorting before we can open to donations again.

And we have food packs that need making. So please please do come and volunteer when you have the time to spare so you can help us. This is our plan of action:

– Sort the clothes from the cage and the unsorted bags around it into boxes and carry on breaking boxes down into age ranges e.g. 2-3. 3-4. 4- so we have no mixed boxes.

– JT order brown tape as we’ve getting through it like there’s no tomorrow!

– Make up more Athens food packs with the square boxes – list of contents in folder (soap powder leave out as so many have split we will bag up in ziplock bags and do in separate box)

– Box up next batch of rucksacks and put on to next Athens Pallet

– Sort undies packs into ages and put in a bag in the respective clothing box

– Identify any bits missing to make packs including packing, packing tape, bags etc.

Thank you

Greg Ogden and everyone today got the pallets finished off so they are ready to go whoop! And thanks Greg for moving all the cardboard from outside the unit. And for everyone who has been sorting clothes at home and making packs and one volunteer used her heating allowance to buy nappies for the packs 🙂

Medical equipment for Aleppo!

News from Nina Coulson 🙂 With the money we collected towards medical assistance for Loui….we have bought UAREUK have just sponsored 2 baby resuscitaire units and an adult and paediatric ventilator.

What are they and what do they do:
The Resuscitaire is the ideal device to have during labour and delivery procedures. It combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components you need for clinical emergency and resuscitation.

Adult and paediatric ventilators help to treat adults and children of any size with varying conditions, from acute respiratory failure to complex respiratory diseases.

Microteach done!

I did my microteach today on the Syrian Refugee Situation and the global movement of people.
I am so relieved it’s done I have been working on it for last week or so and been up late and stressed out.
I will now be packaging it up as a resource for teaches wanting to cover this topic with their classes also for homeschoolers.

Very Very happy and relaxed now it’s done and went well.

Volunteers needed for sorting

I know its cold out there but we have had two evening sessions now (last Weds and this Monday) with no one showing up to volunteer.

There are lots of clothes to be sorted and made into packs, food packs to make and things to be boxed and packed or else ad cant keep moving.

Please do keep coming and helping us as it’s a bit lonesome in there on your tod!