Reminder DEADLINES –

5th November for kids clothing etc. that are not in packs.

13th November – Kids and Babies Clothing packs (extended from 13th November). Please we say people need to list on the pack if anything is missing. THIS IS CRUCIAL OR A CHILD WILL GO WITHOUT.

Any collections coming to us that we have pre-agreed that will be packs with some leftover items is fine for 13th Deadline too.

15th November: Sleeping mats/ Sleeping Bags/ Teddies/ Coats/ Shoes (taped together and labelled with European size)/ Sewing Machines (good working order only)

The volunteers are working super hard on this every day and I ask people to work with us to make this smooth and make sure there are no packs with missing bits with no note about it (so we can easily add the missing bit) or dirty items in.

Until Mid November we can only accept donations at the opening times shown each week on – there will be evenings and days so covers everyone.

We will not be able to take any donations into the unit after the deadlines.

thanks for your support and for throwing a winter lifeline to the children in Bekaa Valley in Lebanon this winter