Just to give you an idea what is going on and what and where we spending:
£123 and £100+ This evening – Asda and Sainsburys (all from basic ranges/ own brand)
£77.58 Asda – baby soap, razors
£59.69 LIDL – kids toothpaste and toothbrushes
£95.84 Simon Boyd Textiles for 16 metres fleece to make at least 160 scarves for kids packs
£1950 for 2000kg food Lebanon from wholesaler
£113.50 Kids vests wholesaler (world of hosiery)
£223.20 Kids thermal socks from wholesaler (world of hosiery)
£94 Kids vests from wholesaler (AK hosiery)
£237.00 kids underwear (upto around aged 8) (world of hosiery)
£117.50 + £20 Asda kids underwear older ages
£100+ on ebay and asda etc for clothes and items for new families to area

£264 Aleppo hospital appeal 400 foil blankets
£91.18 Can openers and underwear from wholesaler (AK hosiery)

We are also paying £300 for hats and gloves from a local supplier who deals with wholesalers in Manchester.

So just as we do call out for funds etc. I feel it’s important to say where we are spending money and what on so you have our trust and guarantee its being used wisely and we buying as wisely as possible utilising wholesalers more where possible xx