Just back from the unit unloaded everything we bought today and got aload more bags ready to move to the additional storage.

We have so much stuff and we have til Thursday evening to get it done now.

Countdown is on 4 days to go.

Please come and help us as we have ALOT of stuff to do by Friday when the truck comes for it all!

– Baby/ Nappy Packs making
– Boxes of multi ages clothing sorting then into then then empty – nappy boxes
– Keep checking the complete packs that have come in – LOTS OF!
– Family and M/F Toiletry Packs making
– Tape up and size rest of the boys shoes
– Move completed bags and boxes to the other unit and log on inventory sheet (and assign the code to the bag/box)
– Bag up baby blankets and adult blankets
– Take 3 bags to cash for clothes of unsuitable items that are also unsuitable for Malawi

We have so little time and so much to do.