Wow Thank you!


I wish I had taken my ipad to take some photos today. SO many people came to help it was amazing, the unit has been open today from 9am to 10.30pm with an hour’s closing.

If we can get the same amount done tomorrow and Thursday there will so many warm children it has been very moving to see how many people care and have pulled out all the stops.

And thanks Sally for the cakes and biscuits 🙂

We have had about £300 donated in cash at the unit this week too which is so great and I will be buying the final toiletry pack stuff and more underwear for kids.

I start a job tomorrow after being ill last two days so please please please come and support the volunteers tomorrow as there is a tonne to take to the other unit to be bagged and inventorised.

All heading over to Preston on Friday to be loaded on to two containers for Lebanon along with the food all the groups have bought. We, UAREUK, will have 2000kg of food on board for food packs so a HUGE HUGE Thankyou.

I must confess I cried in the car today to see so many people helping and so much get done. I had a small moment of ratty-ness as am under a lot of strain right now, but it passed and I returned to normal! whatever that is!

You’re all a bunch of crackers thanks one and all xxxx

Thankyou xxx


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