Ok so…

Save Loui our last update was that due to all the ups and downs and yeses then no’s then yes more money was raised than needed. So we planned to help a young Girl in need with displaced hips but she couldn’t be located again sadly 😦

Then we planned to help a girl who needed a brain shunt operation, but more money was raised than needed so we still have the funds and trustees agree we cannot sit on this money any longer whilst we watch Aleppo kids in dire need.

Civilians suffer in this awful war, the doctors are the ones trying to save them so they may live to see a better day and peace.

I have suggested and am putting it to everyone now that we cannot have these funds in the bank for medical asisstanxe whilst we watch such great need.

I propose we use this £1000 for medical aid for Aleppo which is still in keeping with original medical focus of donations and could save many lives.

If any donors have any issue with this or wish us to return their donations for Loui please advise us by tonight,,otherwise we will proceed,with using the funds for Aleppo medical aid and will update what it goes to.