You might have spotted I have updated our list of what is on the go/ radar. If not here it is – any questions please shout.

1) Buy and send aid for food packs, hygiene packs and baby packs for refugees in Athens and the surrounding area;

2) Support Athens food aid for refugees with our new UAREUK wholesale account with a food wholesaler in Athens;

3) Pay the rent for the ‘Hope Cafe’ in Athens with rent and food/ clothing aid for refugees;

4) Send aid on containers bound for Greece, Syria and any other destinations where Syrian Refugees are in need of help;

5) Reusable Sanitary Towel making project for members to send to Refugee women and girls;

6) Send aid to Chios in pallets;

7) Help with operation costs for refugee children as they present;

8) Help Refugees in UK with aid/ needs including the Syrian Resettlement Programme.