It’s simple

URGENT & IMPORTANT: We are having to hold off on sending the pallets and any further aid until we get more donations in.

We have £1000 committed that was for medical aid for Loui which is now being used for medical equipment for Aleppo

We are £200 short on rent due on 1st December so only 8 days away.

So no pallets can move now, and we have no funds to send to Kerrie Moor for the Hope Café that could feed hundreds of refugees and hungry kids and babies.

We can come up with loads of ways to help but without funds nothing happens.

I mean its Black Friday tomorrow and I am begging for funds!

We can’t carry on without enough donations. Its as simple as that

I have done 3-4 weeks solid in the unit on the Lebanon container. I opened last night and no one else came so had a good tidy up 🙂
Feeling sad though that the aid is going nowhere now due to funds drying up x


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