What we need

Every week I do the accounts so we know where we are at.
These last 3 weeks I haven’t been able to.

If you want UAREUK to carry on being the way to help us all support those in need directly we need your support to spread the word and get people to donate their Christmas money.

We need to:
1) Buy a ventilator or incubator plus UV light and tourniquets and pulse oximeters for Syria civilian hospitals
2) Support the Hope Café in Athens (use ref: Hope Café)
3) Send funds to feed refugees in Athens to our new wholesale account (use ref: Athens Food Aid)
4) Also until gift aid and vat claims come in we need help with out rent too as its £200+ short each month 😦
5) Pay for two pallets of aid to go to Chios and Athens (£150 each) which are ready to go now but no funds to move them,

We can find the ways but we can’t magic funds for all of it xx Please help us to help xx Our help is direct and transparent.

It is direct help for people not buying leather chairs in a London HQ! xx


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