UAREUK merchandise all in aid of refugee aid. Run by Anna Newton who can arrange to post to you or for you to collect.

Prints ‘One Love One Home One Heart’ (mounted and fits in standard frame 12×10 from high street shops) £18

Prints ‘I love you…Pass it on ‘ £12 or set of 4 for £40

‘One Love One Home One Heart’ Gift cards £2.95 or pack of 5 for £12.95

Rag wreaths £10

Donation vouchers for birthdays and other occasions to go in a card to tell people you donated for them £5, £10 & £20

Also we have ‘Into the woods’ postcards £2.00 and ‘Lighthouse: Beacon of Hope’ cards £4.00. Pack of 5

Available to buy at the unit too. Xx

Prints and cards £2.50 postage, wreaths £3.50 postage