Up Late

Up late with Allstar Tornado testing out my teaching resources as I make them for my PGCE microteach on TUesday!

Once its ready and I’ve done it I will bundle up as a teaching pack for people on Refugee crisis in Middle East and Europe.

It could be good for schools, community groups and homeschooling parents. It’s informative, interactive and doesn’t contain any images or info that would upset any audiences.

It has individual tasks like a little quiz to assess starting knowledge, paired work, and group work and includes couple of short videos. So suitable for a variety of learning styles and hopefully engaging and breaks down some misconceptions too!

Autumn Fair :)

The Autumn Fair raised £689 which helped pay for some of the aid that we bought for the container such as the hats and gloves and underwear. Part will go to medical aid also and towards the Hope Café in Athens for refugees to get food aid and clothing/ hygiene packs. Thanks so much Anna Newton and everyone who worked so hard to prepare for it and on the day.
We had a lovely day too and got lots of lovely presents xxx

UAREUK items for sale

UAREUK merchandise all in aid of refugee aid. Run by Anna Newton who can arrange to post to you or for you to collect.

Prints ‘One Love One Home One Heart’ (mounted and fits in standard frame 12×10 from high street shops) £18

Prints ‘I love you…Pass it on ‘ £12 or set of 4 for £40

‘One Love One Home One Heart’ Gift cards £2.95 or pack of 5 for £12.95

Rag wreaths £10

Donation vouchers for birthdays and other occasions to go in a card to tell people you donated for them £5, £10 & £20

Also we have ‘Into the woods’ postcards £2.00 and ‘Lighthouse: Beacon of Hope’ cards £4.00. Pack of 5

Available to buy at the unit too. Xx

Prints and cards £2.50 postage, wreaths £3.50 postage

New families coming

I have also got requests for two new families coming, Syrian families.

We need funds to buy them things like underwear and socks and things they will need, there are 2 babies so we need funds to buy them some stuff.

Please please help us welcome them x

It’s simple

URGENT & IMPORTANT: We are having to hold off on sending the pallets and any further aid until we get more donations in.

We have £1000 committed that was for medical aid for Loui which is now being used for medical equipment for Aleppo

We are £200 short on rent due on 1st December so only 8 days away.

So no pallets can move now, and we have no funds to send to Kerrie Moor for the Hope Café that could feed hundreds of refugees and hungry kids and babies.

We can come up with loads of ways to help but without funds nothing happens.

I mean its Black Friday tomorrow and I am begging for funds!

We can’t carry on without enough donations. Its as simple as that

I have done 3-4 weeks solid in the unit on the Lebanon container. I opened last night and no one else came so had a good tidy up 🙂
Feeling sad though that the aid is going nowhere now due to funds drying up x

What we need

Every week I do the accounts so we know where we are at.
These last 3 weeks I haven’t been able to.

If you want UAREUK to carry on being the way to help us all support those in need directly we need your support to spread the word and get people to donate their Christmas money.

We need to:
1) Buy a ventilator or incubator plus UV light and tourniquets and pulse oximeters for Syria civilian hospitals
2) Support the Hope Café in Athens (use ref: Hope Café)
3) Send funds to feed refugees in Athens to our new wholesale account (use ref: Athens Food Aid)
4) Also until gift aid and vat claims come in we need help with out rent too as its £200+ short each month 😦
5) Pay for two pallets of aid to go to Chios and Athens (£150 each) which are ready to go now but no funds to move them,

We can find the ways but we can’t magic funds for all of it xx Please help us to help xx Our help is direct and transparent.

It is direct help for people not buying leather chairs in a London HQ! xx