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December 2016

Will you sit back while history repeats itself?




MPs to hold emergency debate on east Aleppo humanitarian situation

Anyone in London for a demo outside??? If not, email your MP, ‘check in’ at House of Commons/Embassies/Government buildings on Facebook, share this post and ask your network to do the same xxx



“I am waiting to die” Syrians in Aleppo are posting final goodbyes online


Update on the situation in Aleppo

Aleppo: UN Chief warns of ‘atrocities against civilians’

Syria army ‘in final moments’ before Aleppo victory

Stand up and make yourself heard

The time to stand up is when something is happening when you may even stand alone bu nevertheless it is the time, even if you are vilified by some people for it. Be the voice of the silenced.

It is too easy to do it afterwards, but its empty afterwards when those in need are gone and when it might be popular to say so, when it is then safe to say so.

But this time there are many of us to tell the stories of what countries and groups did or didn’t do.

And this is the time to stand up, and speak and risk things. Every day we do stuff we risk that we are being surveilled, we risk some people not being who they say they are, we risk being threatened or attacked by the rising far right.

But now is the time to speak up, stand up and own these situations, and own what this human race is doing to itself and the planet.

Now is the time. The nativity isn’t just to sit and watch for an hour, we are IN IT NOW – IT’s HERE.

Now is the time.

Refugees facing death in Greek camps

If you want to know why UAREUK have been working so hard over the past 15 months, have a read of this……


Thanks to MerseyAid!

Great news courtesy of our friends at MerseyAid….

The Merseyaid crew have all agree that the support UAREUK have show with their container and sending aid over which they have collected has been amazing this year so Merseyaid will happily pay for one of our pallets to go to Athens with Mondial!

Thanks Merseyaid!

Support the Invisible Child campaign

Its over to this group if they can help us change some of these things for kids and babies in Athens before Christmas. I cannot do anymore to make people donate…the power is now in your hands as a member of this group as to whether this aid goes or not……

So I am off to take my son out for the day as often things get disrupted because of the work I do here.

I and the trustees have done all we can to facilitate ways to help those in need in a way that you don’t see with many charities.

There are kids in need, with nothing, sometime no parents, no home, no heat, nothing to hope for.

It’s down to you all now whether UAREUK can show the true meaning of Christmas and make some dreams come true for basic necessities.

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for”

Help donate so we can move two tonnes of aid to Athens before Christmas.

Donations can go to:

or bank transfer to:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929

Short but Sweet – we need money to move nearly two tonnes of aid to Athens and buy heaters there before Christmas close.

Donations can go to:

or bank transfer to:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929

Thanks for the overnight donations! Keep them coming folks!

Amazing that we have had another £128 in donations overnight thank you so much to the donors 🙂

That takes us to about £280

We still need £1100 to send aid to those freezing and hungry.

This is the true meaning of Christmas helping those in need.

If we don’t get the money by mid week we will be cancelling all aid going so no kids or babies will be getting warm clothes, teddies, food or anything.

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