We need LOADS of acrylic wool and knitting needles and zips to send to ladies coop in Athens making things for themselves and to raise a small income.

It gives purpose and opportunity so its not just a ball of wool.

We are also collecting older kids underwear 11yrs plus at the moment.

We will also be open for older kids 7yrs + clothes next week and the week after too 🙂



Heaters provided in Greece

Amongst the refugees who have received heaters from UAREUK, which we bought direct from the Greek supplier, are 4 children and their widowed mum. The weather has been so so cold with the big freeze that’s gripped Europe. We have also helped warm up communal spaces in local squats housing many refugees in Exharchia, Greece.

We are only small and cannot help everyone but we can try and help some people, as many as we can and as funds allow


Hope Cafe

We just paid the January and February rent for the Hope Café in Athens. Kerrie Moor is refurbing it with help of laods of volunteers at the moment.
Its already a place for people to collect aid from that is sent from UK and other countries and its where our last 5 pallets went to just before Christmas.
It will be open for refugees to get food, hygiene items and packs, nappies and baby stuff, emergency food packs like we sent over and clothing packs etc.

It’s 480 euros every two months we pay which comes to about £428.
If you want to help us help pay it every month or you want one month to be in the name of your group or you individually just let us know 🙂

We pay it direct to the Greek landlady who owns it so that it’s easy for everyone and we get the receipts and Kerrie doesn’t need to worry about more paperwork she can get on with helping refugees 🙂
Using ref “Hope Café Rent”

Containers arriving in Syria

Two containers have arrived in Syria in recent days. Aid can still get in thanks to some charities and there are many people in camps all over the place, displaced, who can be reached and are in need of aid.

One of the containers was destined for Lebanon but that was diverted to Syria to help in the camps, as Lebanon ministers changed and decided not to allow anymore aid in!  In harsh winters the food and clothes and blankets, coats and shoes etc are what help people survive. In the west it may just be ‘a coat’ over there it is the difference between seeing tomorrow or never waking up again.
Thanks to all who helped from all over the country get aid to us to get on to the CWU and Merseyaid depot


A story of a refugee baby

A touching story posted by Anette Kjær Jørgensen about a 16 day old baby boy who is a Kurdish refugee from Iraq born in Europe.

I am 16 days old, and my name is Riad. I am Kurdish and a refugee from Iraq. My mum and dad has been living for several months in a squat in Athen. I cry a lot, because it is so cold in the squat, which is an old school. Together with two other families my mum and dad and me lives in a big classroom, and the only heating we have got is a small electric store – you can see it on the picture. The heater keeps going out, because too many people put on their heaters at the same time. When that happens it gets really cold, and my small body gets even more cold than it is. In the night the heater does not work at all, and I get very scared that I will get ill and perhaps die. I think I am too small to die. I have only lived for such a short time.

My mum and dad have no money, so they can not afford buying any clothes for me. Therefore my mum has wrapped me in a lot of blankets. It is snowing now here in Athen, and it is so cold. I cry most of the time, when I am not sleeping, because my mums milk is so cold, when she is breastfeeding me, and then because of the cold milk my stomach hurts. The doctor says.

Today was luxury, and my mum was smiling. Normally she does not smile. She cries a lot. I think she is very unhappy. My mum has got no shoes, only some slippers, and I get very worried, because if she gets ill, what about me?

Okay, I will just tell you, why my mum was smiling today. Because I cry so much, she always cradle me on her legs. Now she has done that since I was born, and her legs hurt. She so much wanted a cradle for me, and do you know what? This morning a very kind Greek man came with a cradle for me.

And then my mum got happy.

Later today a lady came. She was here yesterday too. Yesterday she brought some clothes for me, but it was much too big. Do not know, what she is thinking about. She can not be used to small human beings like me. Today she came again and brought Johnsons baby oil for me and johnsons babycream and something to drink for my mum. She said it was good for my mum, because my mum is breastfeeding me. She brought a lot of other stuff, and she got it all from a very nice lady from Great Britain, who is going to open a cafe for refugees and homeless people like me.

But she did not bring any shoes for my mum. I really do hope she will, because I think my mum deserves it.

This was my story. A story about being born in Europe as a refugee.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.