Plea for volunteers!


We are looking for volunteers who can commit to a set session or day each week at the unit. As some of us have work commitments and family commitments going on at the moment we need to spread the load a bit more and it’s good to have more of us who can run it/ man it (or woman it!)

If you are interested and able to commit to this for a minimum of 3 hours per week on a set day/ days then we’d welcome you with open arms! You’d get training on the various projects and the ins and outs of the unit and aid pack lists etc.

This would involve:
Being a keyholder and opening up
Sorting aid and supporting new volunteers
Helping feed into the needs list based on levels of different aid coming into the warehouse
Accepting deliveries and point of contact on the day for hauliers to collect pallets now and again.
Drinking tea!

Please PM if you are interested in being an integral part of UAREUK on wherever 2017 takes us.

Thanks x


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