We are working behind the scenes to make sure we are adhering to every rule and reg and it’s a big job indeed, not for the faint hearted.

But we are sorted with charities commission documents, registered with HMRC and just getting a giftaid and vat reclaim process in place, changing how we do the book,s to make life easier as in more streamlined and catering for reporting to the charities commission.
And evidencing everything and keeping it on file paper copy and e-copy.

Anyone who has taken over £5k needs to register as a charity or they could end up in hot water and hot tax water with HMRC.

I believe that in the long term the groups that put the leg work in will be the ones that stay around and it’s really important to get it right and I’m grateful to have the ears of other groups and support so we can all achieve this.

It’s worth the hard work